Pool is operating from July long weekend to Sep long weekend and is available to Bell Haven customers only.

BY BOOKING THE POOL YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING RULES : ​No more than 10 persons inside the gate. The time slots are 30 minutes each. MON-THU: you can book up-to 2 slots a day. If you time is up and nobody is at the gate for the next slot, you can stay longer until the next booking arrives. FRI-SUN: you can only book 1 slot a day as we anticipate the pool to be in high demand on weekends. Once your time is up please exit the pool and the pool gate.

When you arrive for your time slot and someone is in the pool from previous time slot, please let them know you have arrived.

When filling a reservation form below , please enter the correct number of people coming to the pool, system will make sure that max 10 persons are booked for the same slot .